General Merchandise In Convenient Stores
Nothing General About It!

Manage your general merchandise category with Midway Displays multi-purpose compact merchandisers.

Every convenience store carries general merchandise, but there isn't anything general about it! It is a highly-focused area of the store that requires clean, compact, multi-purpose merchandisers. Capable of shifting their presentation to everything from packaged beverages to grab-and-go food products or cellphone accessories to back-to-school supplies. Choose from Midway Displays' versatile collection of compact Full View Merchandisers to tailor your presentations to meet your customers' specific needs

Go ahead; hang and shelve your products on the same rack when you stock Midway's Full View and Dual Frame Merchandisers. They all have a collection of versatile components that create tiers of hooks, tubs, and shelves. Extend visual impact with full-height side graphic panels that speak to your brand and marketing message. All our products are manufactured in the greater Chicago area and packed in UPS-sized cartons.

We have many traditional spinner and tree hook displays as well! We've got you covered!