New Custom In-Aisle Candy Merchandiser for UNREAL® Brand
Custom from Stock

Clean and Bright Customized Midway Display for Clean-eating UNREAL Organic Chocolate Candy.

UNREAL Snacks' ongoing efforts to implement new off-the-shelf product placement campaigns led them to partner with Midway Displays to customize a standard white all-metal rack that spotlights their brightly colored packaged all-natural candy products. Yielding, a point-of-sale impact in a small retail footprint.

Midway helped increase their retail presence by creating a stand-alone 7-tier rack for secondary retail placement that allows them to increase the number of new retail doors without relying on in-aisle space. Expand their presence in existing retail locations to increase sales exponentially! Midways custom fixed hookbars ensure evenly spaced hooks that allow consistent package placement, the customer easy access, and the retailer to easily keep the rack fully stocked to increase product turn!

Saving their budget by collaborating to customize a Standard Full-View Merchandiser frame with custom-designed hook bars and an angled shelf for clear product visibility and shopability. Finished with colorful custom full-height side graphics and header sign on top to support their product branding and marketing message.

All Midway products are manufactured with top-grade USA materials and packed small to increase sustainable goals, saving our customers freight & and warehousing expenses! For assistance, please call (708) 563-2323, or we invite you to inquire through our ONLINE CONTACT FORM.