Cross Merchandising In Grocery Stores | USA Made Racks
Innovation Team at Johnsonville Meats

Merchandising Solutions Made Easy!

The Innovation Team at Johnsonville Meats was charged with developing a merchandiser to present their new shelf-stable meat products for secondary placement in the deli section of their grocery store clients. They needed a custom rack low enough to fit in front of the deli cases and free-standing case lines yet large enough to present their complete product collection.   

The Midway Team's solution-based approach to design, development, and merchandising capabilities provided the answer: a fully-welded mobile metal rack with four custom-sized shelves with signage and full-height side graphics to brand and market their new products. The final specs, as shown, are 36" W x 36" H x 15" D.   

We provide innovative, well-designed merchandisers while maintaining the highest quality at affordable prices.

All Midway products are manufactured with top-grade USA materials and packed small to increase sustainability goals, saving customers' freight & warehousing expenses!   

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