M&M Custom 5-Tier Mobile Display | Made in USA
M&M's Customized 5-Tier Mobile Candy Merchandiser with Custom Fixed Hook Bars

Dynamic Custom Rack Created by Modifying Standard Components, Proves Cost Effective!

M&M’S® design staff was enticed by the POP merchandisers presented in our booth at the NACA Expo. Their quest for a compact but mobile display to merchandise their large collection of plain and peanut M&M’S was met after seeing our Full-view® collection. We listened closely to their needs and made some slight adjustments in our fixed hook-bars to accommodate 20 product facings!  Once the design was complete the compact rack and all components were powder coated to M&M'S yellow. Fully assembled this mobile display has a footprint of only 15” X 18”!  M&M was able to design their graphics and message to be printed on our graphic panels which pack and ships directly with each unit.  

Our customization capabilities, along with our KD packing which saves on shipping and warehouse costs and our mid-west shipping location was an added bonus for utilizing this versatile design. 

Here at Midway Displays we love making merchandising easy, so give us a call at 708-563-2323 for merchandising ideas and an ear for your display needs.