2-Tier Stationary Retail Hook Stand | Counter-top Stationary Stand
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2-Tier Countertop Retail Stand
My-D Mite® | Retail Counter Top Display | Patent #D325136

2-Tier Countertop Retail Stand

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Retail counter display for easy product access with branded base
Merchandiser Style: 2-Tier Countertop My-D Mite®
Feature: Maximizes Valuable Point of Sale Counter Space for Add-on Sales.
Feature: You Choose a 1, 2 , or 3 Tier Display, Based on the Height of Your Packages and Capacity.
Feature: Each Unit is Packed Flat and Shrink-wrapped to Easily Ship in Your Merchandise Cartons.
Feature: All Components are Made in the USA of High Quality Materials,

Flexible Stocking Solutions with My-D® Mite Counter Stands

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Our customer needed 2 different sized packages on the same counter display for retail. The flexibility of the in-stock My-D Mite® Display components was the perfect solution. The support wires were cut to the packaging height specifications and hook lengths determined by desired capacity of product. A lightweight compact display was designed in no time! 

We stock a 2-Tier 10 Hook Countertop Unit for immediate purchase for BUY NOW

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