Customized Candy Merchandiser | 5-Tier Adjustable Shelves
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Customized Candy Merchandiser | 5-Tier Adjustable Shelves
Only 29 Lbs In shipping box! Uses 19" x 17 1/2" of floor space.

Customized Candy Merchandiser | 5-Tier Adjustable Shelves

QUOTES: 708.563.2323

In-aisle CPG stand for point of sale.
Merchandiser Style: Full-View® | Dual Frame | 5 Pc. Graphic Set
Feature: Knockdown Rack | Packs Small Saves Freight & Warehousing Costs | 24/Skid
Feature: Made in USA | Compact Retail Footprint | 19"W x 17"D
Feature: Pre-punched Frame for Fully Adjustable Shelves to Accommodate Multiple Package Heights
Feature: Shelves available for individual purchase to increase stocking needs.
Feature 5 Volume Price Breaks for Quantities 25 and Up

Adjustable 5-Tier Wire Shelf Dual-Frame | Full-View®

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You'll love this 5-tier all-metal rack! It is designed with additional height and offers more options within its' compact footprint. A few of these advantageous options have been listed below.

Advantage 1: Pre-punched frames spaced every 2.5" give you complete flexibility of your shelf placement. Adjustable shelves are such an advantage when stocking a variety of package sizes and products together. It maximizes your stocking capacity in a single free standing display.

Advantage 2: Our American made shelves also provide a front lip signage strip for additional branding, product call-outs, or SKU labels.

Advantage 3: Extend your brands visual impact with full-height side graphic panels. Side panel graphics offer ample real-estate to promote your brand and marketing messages.

This compact merchandiser takes up only 19" x 17.5" of valuable retail floor space. C-stores, super markets, and all retail venues will love you for this!

Off-the-shelf merchandisers are a great way to get your products directly in front of your consumer. If you have added a new product to your line, or are a new brand, get out in front of the competition and watch your sales and brand recognition grow at exponential rates.

All our products are manufactured and packed in the United States in the greater Chicago area. Custom colors are available with minimum orders and slightly longer lead times. Contact our customer service by calling (708) 563-2323 or sending in a request through our ONLINE CONTACT FORM.
Please give as many details as possible, such as how many shelves, case weight, and package/case size.

Call (708) 563-2323 for immediate help from 9:00am-5:00pm CST Monday thru Friday.