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Freestanding Retail Candy & CPG Rack | 4 Shelf Multiple Product Merchandiser
Only 27 Lbs In shipping box! Uses 19" x 17 1/2" of floor space.

Freestanding Retail Candy & CPG Rack | 4 Shelf Multiple Product Merchandiser

On-Line Store Price: $339.95
Candy Rack | 4 Tier Metal Wire Basket Shelf for Retail Off the Shelf Merchandising
Part Number: DFM4SHELF1
Feature: Graphic Die-Line Sets available to print your own personalized graphics at printer of your choice. Call 708-563-2323 X235
Feature: Made in USA | Compact Retail Footprint | 19"W x 17"D
Feature: Fully Adjustable Shelves to Accommodate Package Heights
Feature: Shelves available for individual purchase to increase stocking needs.
Feature 5 Volume Price Breaks for Quantities 25 and Up

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Adjustable 4 Shelf Dual-Frame | Full-View® 

Having adjustable shelves is key when you offer various products in different packaging. Our new 4-tier all metal rack is designed with additional height which offers many more options with the same compact footprint. Coblentz® takes advantage of our versatile design. Our shelves are sturdy and strong which allows for the merchandising of their cumbersome yet popular stick candies. These stick candies are such a popular item and most retail racks could not accommodate them. We are so excited to make merchandising easy for them and all our clients!  For even greater stocking ability you can increase capacity by purchasing an additional shelf for as little as $29.95. Our newest compact merchandiser takes up only 19” x 17 1/2” of valuable floor space.

The frame is universally punched in increments of 2.25" so you have full flexibility in your shelf height, making merchandising easy for you!

Ships with:

(2) Universal Punched Black U-Frames: 1" Square Tube 9"W x 62"H

(1) Dual Frame H-Base: 19"W x 17"D X 1”H

(1) Crossbar with Header Wire & 2 Mounting Bolts 

(4) Wire Shelves 11"D x 17"W that include a Signage Strip that measures; 1 1/8" x 16 1/2"  

(4) Wire Shelf Brackets

(1) Set of 12 Graphic Push Pins.

(1) Instruction Sheet

Call 708.563.2323 of immediate help from 9:00am-5:00pm CST or if time allows use our ONLINE CONTACT FORM please give as many details as possible, such as how many shelves case weight and size.