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Stocked H-Rotors
H-Rotors, Two Sided Fixed Hook Rack Creates a Horizontal View

Stocked H-Rotors

QUOTES: 708.563.2323

4 Hook, 6 Hook and 8 Hook two sided Hook Rotor merchandising system
Merchandiser Style: H-Rotor Component
We stock 4, 6 and 8 Hook fixed position metal wire H-Rotors. The H-Rotor is a two sided metal hook rotor that creates a perfect horizontal product presentation for easy access of your hanging merchandise. This is a great component for creating a cost effective spinning Countertop or Floor merchandiser. As with all our component POP displays, the H-Rotor is no exception, designed for packing small and quick assembly! View the H-Rotors below to see which rotor works best with your package size. Then select a pole set and base to create your very own custom POP rack from stock components.

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