UPC Price Plates Made To Order Quick Ship | 1 3/4" High
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UPC Price Plates | 1-3/4
UPC Price Plates | 1-3/4'

UPC Price Plates | 1-3/4"

QUOTES: 708.563.2323

1 3/4" High Flat Metal Plate Custom Fabricated to your Specifications for Adhesive Labels of all kinds
Merchandiser Style: Wire Shelf Accessory
Feature: Available in small and large quantities, all in made to order custom lengths.
Feature: In-house production enables quick turn-around to expedite your wire shelf production.
Feature: Complimentary Samples provided to enable you to determine your specifications.

1-3/4" x .030 UPC Price Plates Made to Order

While we call them Metal Price Plates, you may call them UPC Plates, Adhesive Label Plates, or Logo Plates. They are available in small and large quantities and all in made to order custom lengths. We cut and form the ends of these plates to your requested length specifications for application to wire shelves, creating adhesive label holders for 1 3/4'' H signs, tags, and labels. 

Same-day quotes and complimentary samples.

Give us a call today at (708) 563.2323, and you'll see how Midway Displays loves to make your merchandising easy!

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