Small Tweaks to In-Stock Parts Has Endless Possibilities
Small Tweaks Endless Possibilities

Wire Rack Components Create a Quick Merchandising Solution for Fresh Gourmet’s Lemon and Lime Juices

Midway Displays' solution-based approach to design and development brought the company Fresh Gourmet to us for a cost-effective solution for their marketing concept of their new product launch. Fresh Gourmets' campaign is to offer their lemon and lime juices in the produce departments in a grocery chain. Their client's criteria required a shortened rack positioned in front of the produce islands.

Our solution was simple! Cut down the height of our in-stock frame used for our Full-View® Merchandisers. Layer on four stock baskets to merchandise the two sizes of lemon and lime juices.  We take pride in our ever value-added bonus of saving you money on freight and warehousing by utilizing knockdown rack components that  Pack Small & Does Big Things. All components and displays are manufactured with top-grade USA materials and assembled in the Greater Chicago Area.