Inexpensive sign stand with adjustable height
  1. Telescoping Pole Sign Stand Set
Telescoping Pole Sign Stand Set
Simple twist locks telescope pole in place to heights from 25"-50"

Telescoping Pole Sign Stand Set

QUOTES: 708.563.2323

Inexpensive 2 piece adjustable sign pole set with a twist lock connector, sign stand solutions for restaurants and small businesses
Merchandiser Style: Adjustable Height Pole Sign Stand

Lightweight Quick-Lock Telescoping Pole Set Sign Stand | Quickly Adjusts 25'-50"

Inexpensive sign stands with adjustable height and an assortment of bases offer you flexibility to communicate with your patrons. Individual purchase available for $24.95. Call for discount pricing starting at 25 units. 630-563-2323.

Easily achieve pole sign heights by twisting the locking connector open, adjusting to the desired length, then re-twisting in the opposite direction as compression securely locks the 1" O.D. and 1 ¼" O.D. poles together. The 1 ¼" O.D. pole fits all our retail pole stand bases.

1 - 1 ¼" Plain Tube + 1 - 1" Flared End Tube

1 Black Twist Lock Connector (locks to 1" to 1 ¼" tube)

1 Clear Sign Clip: Accommodates Sign Material Thickness up to 40 Point (.040).

Must order base separately. See base below, select base pole diameter 1 ¼".