Space Saver 13 Clip Counter Stand | Made In USA
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13 Clipper Counter Display Strips with Branded Base
Impulse Counter Stand with Easy and Clear Access to Product

13 Clipper Counter Display Strips with Branded Base

QUOTES: 708.563.2323

POP Retail Counter Stand for Limited Space
Merchandiser Style: 13 Clipper Counter Display
Feature: 13th Clip Used for Sign
Feature: Stocked in Black and White | Custom Colors and Branding Available
Feature: Made and Manufatcured In USA

Retail Countertop Stand | Small Footprint Sturdy | Increase Impulse Buys

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Our inexpensive counter stand is a great merchandiser for impulse sales and for introducing new products to market. Many retailers are hesitant to give up their valuable retail space whether for floor or counter footprints.  When you present your offers with a comprehensive plan and address their issues they will appreciate your proactive approach and will be more likely to welcome your goods into their retail venues.

Mrs. Fields utilized our screen print options to promote her brand recognition on the 6" base. It is such a simple yet effective marketing strategy to take advantage of. Email us through our CONTACT Form or give us a call for estimates and lead times.

You can immediately purchase unbranded 13 Clipper units today. This offer is hard to pass up! Two Counter Retail Display Strips and two 6" Plastic Bases for ONLY $34.95! Try a cheap test market for a new product or increase impulse purchases at your checkout counter?

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