Lightweight Yet Sturdy 3 Tier Shopping Bag Display, Made USA
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Reusable Shopping Bag Displays
Quantities 1-24 $94.95, Volume orders as low as $49.95. Minimums Apply

Reusable Shopping Bag Displays

On-Line Store Price: $94.95
3 tier Shopping Bag displays for retail, trade shows, street fairs. Easy assembly sturdy and adjustable hook placement.
Part Number: 3TBAG
Feature: Volume Price Breaks for Quantities 25 and Up
Feature: Larger Volumes as low as $49.95
Feature: Made in USA

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Tote Bags | Six Pack Carriers | Reusable Shopping Bag Stand

Display your reusable tote bags on our newest lightweight, easy to assemble shopping bag display. Included are three double-sided wire loop-rotors, designed to accept all types of handles for totes, corrugated carriers, and even slotted tab fasteners. Its two-inch-wide loops create stability and a clean presentation. The double-sided loop rotor offers no obstructions,  allowing the merchandising of any width of the bag. Our 3-piece pole set is pre-punched* in various locations for adjustable height placement.

All metal components; 3 piece pole set, 3 loop rotors, 5-Point Stationary and Castered Base have a beautiful clean black powder coat finish.

Choose from 3 different base styles for the same price on our sturdy shopping bag display! Yet another example of keeping our pledge of Versatility Sets Us Apart!Types of handles, cloth, slotted tab, jute handles

4 Top Reasons To Have Reusable Shopping Bag and Tote Stands:

  1. Convenience for your retail shoppers. Locate it at the checkout to generate additional impulse sales. Encourage your consumers to recycle and re-use their shopping bag totes many times over.
  2. Retail shopping totes provide quick, easy, and inexpensive branding opportunities for marketing your store or brand.
  3. Offer advertising specials for your vendors. Vendors and local brands can sponsor monthly bag campaigns.
  4. In-aisle bag holder stands offer you the flexibility to relocate them throughout the store, while allowing larger tote bags to hang neatly, freeing up and de-cluttering peg-walls and slat-wall hook solutions.


(1)   Base of Your Choice; 18" Black Octagon, 18" Stationary 5-Point Base, or 20" Castered 5-Point Base

(1)   1" x 61" 3-Piece Punched Pole Set | Adjustable to Fit Bags/Caddies Height | Black Powder Coated

(3)   Double Sided Loop-Hook Arms (approx. 19"L O.A.) | Black Powder Coated

(3)   Support Pins to Hold Rotor at Desired Height Placement

(1)   Clear Sign Clip | Accepts Sign Material Thickness up to 40 Point (.040)

(1)   Instruction Sheet

* See Component Options tab to view easy assembly directions, no tools required.

Price Discounts Begin at 25 and up. Please Call 708-563-2323 or fill out CONTACT FORM for details.

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