Retail Display Pole Set | 71" Zinc Clean Finish | USA Made
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1' x 71' 3 Piece Pole Set

1" x 71" 3 Piece Pole Set

On-Line Store Price: $30.95
Our Tallest Pre-cut Pole Set
Part Number: 71-1PL

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Retail Pole Stand Set | 1" x 71"

The foundation of a smooth spinning retail display is in the quality of the components that it is built with. Midway Displays has an extensive inventory of pre-finished display pole sets available for immediate shipment to supply your retail merchandising needs. Our pole sets are manufactured and finished in the United States in the greater Chicago area. All our spinning display stand systems such as Hook & Rotor, Clipper®, and Tray & Bin utilize our top quality pole sets. If you require quantities over 25 call 708-563-2323 or email our sales team.

Order Includes:

20 Gauge 3 Piece Pole Set Bright Clean Zinc Finish