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Custom Hygiene Partition 2-Piece Pole Set
Custom Hygiene Partition 2-Piece Pole Set

Custom Hygiene Partition 2-Piece Pole Set

QUOTES: 708.563.2323

Custom two piece pole sets that mount to a counter top and support your custom sized glass partitions
Merchandiser Style: Pole & Tube Fabrication | Glass Partition Hardware
Feature: Strategically protect your customers and employees with partitions supported by our high quality custom pole sets.
Feature: Custom pole sets with mounted glass clips produced to your specifications, quick turn-around to expedite your installation. .
Feature: Pole set may be used with glass or Plexi partitions sized to your specifications.
Feature: Constructed from high-quality in-stock steel poles made in the USA

Custom Chrome 2-Piece Pole Set with Glass Clips... (Glass Partitions not Included)

Our Custom Chrome 2-pole set includes two 1 ½” Diameter x Height to order” High Chrome Finish Poles with top caps that easily mount to any counter surface, and they include two glass clips each, mounted at your specified height to secure your 1/4” or 3/8” thick glass shield of preference. This pole set is also easily customizable to any height, produced from in-stock components with a slightly longer lead time. Contact us at (708)563-2323 to see just how easy it is!

This High-End product is typically utilized with tempered glass requiring mounting holes to secure the heavier glass partition, or, for a lighter application, the pole set could also be used with clear acrylic/Plexi panels. Installations of this High-End product are typically placed in offices, hospitals, banks, and high-end retailers, as booth partitions in restaurants, as well as architectural applications.

These HYGIENE PARTITION POLE SETS can also be used to create protective barriers between groups of customers within a restaurant setting, making them feel safer and more likely to spend more time and money in your restaurant establishment.

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