Multi Use Shopping Bag Display, Made USA
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Multi Use Shopping Bag Displays | Double Sided
Double sided rack frees up and declutters messy slat wall merchandising options.

Multi Use Shopping Bag Displays | Double Sided

On-Line Store Price: $199.95
Full-view® Double-sided View | Cleanly Stock Reusable Shopping Bags for Retail
Part Number: FVMBAGDS
Feature: Volume Price Breaks for Quantities 25 and Up
Feature: Made in USA

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Double Sided Full-View® Multi Use Shopping Bag Rack

This is an exceptional freestanding display to achieve a more sustainable footprint. It makes good business sense to provide options for a more sustainable tomorrow. At Midway Displays our designs and materials provide retailers and customers environmentally friendly solutions. As a rule of thumb 90% of all our merchandisers are; made with recyclable materials, that are designed to knockdown and pack small, which reduces fuel and warehousing costs.

Customers will appreciate easy access to reusable shopping bags! Loop Hooks are designed to accept most handles for bags, totes, corrugated carriers, and slotted tab fasteners. 

No tool assembly reusable store fixture gives you additional use over the years. Hooks can be placed at any location. For thin bags or even dog leashes, cat toys, and pet toys, use additional hooks. For short bags, caddies, or products, add extra Universal Hook Bars to create additional tiers. So many options at such small expense.

The above multi use shopping bag rack is made with the following USA made metal display parts:

(1) Universal Punched In-Stock Black Frame:
      1" Square Tube 15"W x 62"H
(1) H-Base Double Sided: 15" x 24"
(4) Universal Grid Hook Bars: 18"
(8) 8" Loop Grid Hooks

Price Discounts Begin at 25 and up. Please Call 708-563-2323 or fill out CONTACT FORM for details.