22" Heavy Duty Hook Bar for Increased Capacity Retail Racks
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22' Heavy Duty Universal Hook Bar

22" Heavy Duty Universal Hook Bar

On-Line Store Price: $10.95
Part Number: FVMUHB22B

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22" Heavy-Duty Universal Hook Bar | Allows for Using Mixed Components | Creates Versatile Stocking Options

Midway Displays, Inc. uses Universal Hook Bars to attach different merchandising hooks and components to create the desired tier/shelf for specific packaged good. For instance our 6" and 8" Flip Scanner Grid Hooks will stock tabbed and hole punched consumer packed goods and our newer Tub Bucket w/Snap-On Brackets for loose hard to shelve products. It is called "Universal" because you can place our grid hooks and brackets at any location you require. Generally the length/height of your product will determine how many hook bars your 22" wide Full-view® rack can hold. The width of your product will determine how many grid hooks you will need per tier. Search through the components below for ideas and never hesitate to call for assistance with your merchandising needs at 708-563-2323. We offer several types of components for all your merchandising needs. Below are all the components that fit our 22" Increased Capacity Racks.



Price Discounts Begin at 25 and up. Please Call 708-563-2323 or fill out CONTACT FORM for details.