15" Hook Bar w/Graphic Arm and Set of 4 Flip Scanner Hooks
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A new component set sold to enable you to add a tier to your display or replace an existing shelf for multi presentation on your display.

15" Universal Hook Bar | Graphic Arm 8"

On-Line Store Price: $19.95
A universal hook-bar with graphic brackets, including four 6" snap-on flip scanner grid hooks with plastic scan tags.
Part Number: FVMUHB15GR+FL

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Hanging General Merchandise Hook Bar & Snap-On Flip Scanner Grid Hooks

Our universal hook-bar is a simple component to our Full-View® Collection. Our newest for sale component has a unique end that allows graphic panels to be added to our Hanging Merchandiser currently released for immediate purchase for limited quantities.

Ships with:
1 - Black Powder Coated Universal Hook Bar with Graphic Arm
4 - 6" Snap-On Flip Scanner Grid Hooks

Check out various examples of the versatility that our Full-View® component system offers at this link Full-view® off the shelf merchandisers.