Freestanding 4-Tier Mobile Housewares Rack | Made in USA
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Housewares Freestanding Retail Rack
Veratile Double Sided Mobile Merchandiser

Housewares Freestanding Retail Rack

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Metal Wire Stand For Kitchen Product Line
Merchandiser Style: Double Sided Full-View® Merchandiser | Hooks and Shelves | Housewares
Feature: Built-In Sign Holder for Branding and Promotions
Feature: No tool assembly, sturdy, with adjustable hook and shelf placement.
Feature: Made in USA | Compact Retail Footprint | 19"W x 24"D x 63”H
Feature: Knockdown Packs Small Does Big Things® | Ships 33 Cartons Per/Skid

Mobile Full-View® Housewares Merchandiser | Double-sided

Midway stretched its merchandising muscle when it designed this free-standing, double-sided housewares Full-View® Merchandiser. The goal was to create a double-sided rack that could be set up with a housewares line of multiple products. It was imperative to be able to roll fully stocked into high-traffic aisles to maximize exposure of the new coordinated housewares line of merchandise.

We truly understand the need and importance of retail floor space! We always design for the maximum stocking opportunity while leaving the venue with smallest footprint for freestanding racks. This double-sided Full-View® Merchandiser was a perfect fit with its 20 1/2" Wide X 30" Deep Footprint. Its all-metal construction and powder-coated finish provide a sturdy, long-lasting store fixture. Developed with standard components saved production time and cost. The merchandiser, completed with four #75 locking casters for total mobility achieved all the goals and a bonus is that it knocks down and ships small, to save on fuel costs and warehousing space.

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