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Sneeze Guard Wall Pole Set | Quick Assembly Locking Pole Sets
Attractive durable black pole sneeze guard wall frame set.

Sneeze Guard Wall Pole Set | Quick Assembly Locking Pole Sets

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Durable heavy duty pole set for floor length partition walls.
Merchandiser Style: Pole & Tube Fabrication | Wall Partition Sets
Feature: Custom pole sets to hold your partition of choice to protect customers and employees.
Feature: Using in-stock poles allows for quick turn-around to expedites your installation
Feature: Proudly made in the USA, produced from high-quality in-stock steel poles
Feature: Minimum Quantity of 100

Strong Durable Sneeze Guard Wall Length Pole Set 1" Diameter (Partitions not Included)

Each order is custom to your specifications. Our locking 1" diameter pole set will secure your Plexi/acrylic shield of preference for use in multiple locations where needed. We will work with you to design an attractive floor hygiene sneeze guard. If you need a specific finish or type of fastener we help you with all the details.

All Frames are made to meet your size requirements and specifications. It is designed as a 4-piece (button locking) tube frame with 2 flat base plates that are easily attached to the bottom tube with screws and nuts (included).

This light weight and easily mobile solution that can be moved from location to location as needed or mounted directly into the floor.

The versatility of this pole set frame offers you the ability to change the partition on the frame with “Throw Away” versions due to sanitation requirements if needed. Utilize thin flexible plastic sheathing or “Shower Curtain” like, disposable partition materials as needed.

Each pole is hole punched to your specifications to enable you to attach any thickness of clear acrylic/Plexi as a shield, with strategically placed holes. Your plastic shield is then attached to the poles using plastic push clips or your choice of standard metal fasteners. You can even choose to hang from top pole frame.

We are here to help you solve your toughest retail and work place needs. Call us today and we will be happy to help! 630-253-2323

Know your requirements send them through our contact form and we will send an estimate and lead time.

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