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Economy Sneeze Guard 2-Piece Pole Set | 1-1/4
Economy Sneeze Guard 2-Piece Pole Set | 1-1/4' Diameter

Economy Sneeze Guard 2-Piece Pole Set | 1-1/4" Diameter

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Custom two piece pole sets that mount to a counter top and support your custom sized Plexi/acrylic partition.
Merchandiser Style: Pole & Tube Fabrication | Acrylic Partition Hardware
Feature: Protect your customers and employees with strategically placed partitions supported by our economy custom pole sets.
Feature: Custom pole sets with U-Channels, produced to your specifications that secure your Plexi panel to a counter-top.
Feature: Quick turn-around to expedite your installation by using in-stock poles.
Feature: Constructed from high-quality in-stock steel poles made in the USA

Economy 2-Piece Pole Set with U-Channels (Partitions not Included)

Safety has never been more important! Now, Midway Displays offers an economical solution towards creating your cost-effective Sneeze Guards, our Economy Sneeze Guard 2-Piece Pole Set, that will secure your Plexi/acrylic shield of preference in multiple locations where needed. 

This 2-Piece Pole Set with U-channels includes two 1 ¼” Diameter Poles that are custom-cut to your height specifications and finished in a standard powder-coat color of your choice. The U-channel in each pole secures your ¼” thick acrylic/Plexi shield of preference between the two poles. The poles easily affix to any counter surface using mounting screws supplied by the installer. The type of screw is predicated on the surface and substrate of the counter.  Standard powder coat colors are available.

These pole sets are typically utilized for light applications, with clear acrylic/Plexi panels. Installations of this product are typically placed in C-stores, grocery, hardware, and big-box retailers.

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