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Custom Retail Metal Display Strip
Custom Hanging Metal Display Strip | Powder Coated Custom Red | In-Stock Colors: White, Almond and Black

Custom Retail Metal Display Strip

QUOTES: 708.563.2323

metal clipper strand for products, chips, candy and bagged goods
Merchandiser Style: Clipper® 12 Clip, Hanging
Feature: Round Metal Disk for Branding Logo | Disk Diameter 3 7/8"
Feature: Versatile Hang-up Allows You to Clip or Hook Product to the Strip
Feature: Custom Colors Available - Minimum Quantities Required
Feature: Ability to Hang near Point Of Purchase Check-out Inspires Impulse Buys
Make a lasting impression with a clip merchandiser 

Custom Colored 12 Clip Metal Display Strip with 
a large candy cane hook top, built-in circular label holder and custom logo label application. Powder coated custom color for a beautiful long-lasting finish to match your specifications. Impulse Merchandising Displays, A true upgrade from the typical plastic merchandiser strips. Make a lasting impression at any location throughout your retail store with a clip merchandiser manufactured with the best grade materials right here in the USA. Use over and over as a semi-permanent store fixture. Need an alternative cross merchandising option for glass case aisle products? Purchase a package of 10 suction cups designed to hang metal retail strips to glass doors.

Custom Color with Label Application
12 Clips: Spaced 2 1/2" Apart
Complete Hanger 34 3/4" Long
Standard Metal Display Strips Stocked in Black and White

Hanging Metal Display Strips Online Store Options

10 suction cups per bag $11.95/bag
Package of 10 Clear Suction Cups

For Quotes Please Call 708-563-2323 or fill out CONTACT FORM for details.