Compact Metal Wire Wine Rack | 9 Angled Shelved Clearly Present 750mL Bottles
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Retail Wine Rack | Compact 9
Strong, Clean and Sturdy Design | Angled Shelf Clearly Presents Wine Label | Small Compact Retail Footprint

Retail Wine Rack | Compact 9" DualFrame w/Angled Shelf for Beverages

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Strong sturdy retail metal wire wine rack for 750 ml bottles
Merchandiser Style: Beverage Rack | Compact 9" Dual-Frame
Feature: Angled Shelves For Clear Product Viewing
Feature: Graphic Panel Options for Marketing and Branding
Feature: Compact Small Retail Footprint
Feature: Knockdown Pack Small Design Saves Freight | Packs 24/Skid 40" x 48" x 48"H

Beverage Rack with Angled Shelves | Holds 750ml Wine and 22oz Craft Beer Bottles

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Midway Displays designed this strong and sturdy compact retail metal wire wine rack with Angled Shelf for Beverages , to present 750 ml bottles and offers extensive integrated graphic opportunities for your marketing message and brand recognition that generate sales results in the retail setting. This rack, like all of Midway Display’s racks, is designed using top grade USA materials to Knock-down efficiently, pack small and increase your environmental sustainability goals. Smaller pack size provides a bonus benefit by saving customers’ freight and warehousing costs!

For Details About Our 9" Dual-Frame 8-Tier Wine Rack Call (708) 563-2323 if Time Allows Inquire Through Our ONLINE CONTACT FORM.