Visit Booth 11868 For American Made CPG Racks for Retail
Sweets & Snacks Expo 2023 MDW Booth 11868


The Sweets & Snacks EXPO May 22-25; is unrivaled in new product launches, business-building solutions, and innovations in merchandising. Visit us at Booth 11868 to experience first-hand why our unique product line works perfectly for your new product intros, secondary product placements, and seasonal promotions while providing economical merchandising solutions tailored to your merchandising needs! 

We invite you to bring your product samples to try with our components to see how quick adjustments; to shelves and hooks will quickly suit your products' merchandising needs. Viewing your products on our displays will reveal what your customers see with your products on our American-manufactured Off-Shelf-Merchandisers. Formulate ideas to improve your retail space and customers' shopping experience with our merchandising component systems.

Our sales associates can't wait to work with you to answer questions and explain the unique attributes and versatility our merchandisers and their components offer you.

Midway offers four distinct merchandising product lines designed, manufactured, and shipped from the greater Chicago area; Clipper Displays, Full-View Merchandisers, Hook & Rotor Spinner Displays, and Tray & Bin Designs. Stock components combine to create a merchandising solution; that will fit your product packaging without custom manufacturing prices. Each of the four product lines have countertop and floor merchandisers at affordable wholesale prices based on volume quantity discounts.

Here are links to the 4 product lines: Clipper Displays, Full-View Merchandisers, Hook & Rotor Spinner Displays, and Tray & Bin Designs.

We stock our materials to provide you with the best service and turnaround times in the industry. Our Knockdown Pack Small Designs help to alleviate soaring shipping and fuel costs.

We love to make merchandising easy!