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6 Tier Bakery Rack for Retail | Wire Angled Shelves | Roll-Around Rack
The angled shelves provide clear product visibility and shop-ability. The gravity-fed shelving feature makes it easy to re-stock.

6 Tier Bakery Rack for Retail | Wire Angled Shelves | Roll-Around Rack

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Roll-Around Retail Bakery Rack with Six Gravity-fed Shelves
Merchandiser Style: Bakery Display Stands
Feature: Angled shelves for clear product visibility and shop-ability
Feature: Mobile base with four locking casters for strategic placement in your store
Feature: American manufactured retail bakery stand using the highest quality materials.
Feature: Shelves equipped with a generous front and side lips to secure your baked goods.

Bakery Rack for Retail | Adjustable Angled Shelves | Silverdillo Powder-coat Finish

To immediately purchase black racks in quantities under 25 click here: $269.95

Call for Volume Bulk Pricing, Custom Colors and Graphic Package Printing Estimates 708-563-2323 or Inquire On-line CONTACT FORM

Our newest Dual-frame Rack has a new finish! The Mobile Retail Bakery Rack is now available with a beautiful silverdillo powder-coat finish. Stock breads, pies, pastries and all baked goods on adjustable angled wire shelves. The angled shelves allow for a clear presentation and easy access for your consumer. Shelves can be spaced in 2.25" increments for full merchandising flexibility of your baked goods. The Dual-frame base is equipped with locking casters for your convenience to place or relocate your fully stocked display rack in any retail space location to optimize your sales.

All our Dual-frame Merchandisers have the option to add graphic panels to further promote your brand and sales opportunities.

We offer this retail bakery rack in black and without graphic panels for immediate purchase in limited quantities.

6-Tier Bakery Rack Full-View® Merchandisers BUY NOW

For details about our newest Roll-Around Bakery Rack and Graphic Panels call (708) 563-2323 if time allows inquire through our ONLINE CONTACT FORM