About Us | Midway Displays, Inc.
Midway Displays has been manufacturing & selling retail display racks for over 40 years. Our counter top displays and floor displays are attractive store fixtures that benefit the merchandiser, consumer and retailer. Our stock displays and component parts have been used by a diverse group of consumer product companies and retailers. Midway Displays and Corrugated Components & Devices products are purchased by custom POP companies and can be found in a variety of custom displays.

Our goal has always been to provide innovative, well-designed products, while maintaining the highest quality, at the lowest prices.

Our display racks are recyclable, sustainable and compact to ship cheaply and quickly. Our unique and patented designs have created retail displays that knock-down and pack smaller. Midway's exclusive nesting base system and patented Clipper "Snap Rack" display are just two examples of our innovative and compact designs.

We have become an industry leader in saving our customers money through lower freight and warehousing costs; a feature extremely important in today's environment of high freight and fuel costs.

Whenever possible, recycled materials are used to manufacture components. Plastic metal and corrugated materials are completely recyclable. Midway Displays and Corrugated Components & Devices products comply with the environmental CONEG and EU RoHS directives.

Midway Displays prides itself on quality products with the largest selection of stock display merchandising components that our industry has to offer. Our rigorous inspection and testing for component fit, and close tolerances, guarantee the best products on the market.

Our policy of 100% check of all finished items ensures that there are no missing parts. We stand behind every item we offer in our catalog.

There are many reasons Midway Displays is the leader for stock displays and components in the Point-of-Purchase industry, but the most important reason is...

We Care About Your Success!