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Wire Tray Guard | Set of 4 | Tray Accessory
Tray Guards offered in black or white sold in sets of 4.

Wire Tray Guard | Set of 4 | Tray Accessory

On-Line Store Price: $19.95
Wire guard to secure product on a tray.
Part Number: TRAYGUARD1
Feature: Select from In-Stock Colors of Black or White.
Feature: Order with our 4-Tier Tray Display, and it will all ship in one carton!

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Optional Wire Tray Guards Sold in Sets of 4

Keep your products on the tray! Purchase our economy single wire tray guard so your lighter or less stable products do not fly off the shelf while your customers spin the round plastic tray to view product.  It's okay to fly off the shelf and into the shopping cart, but not if it lands on your carton of eggs!  A little caution can go a long way.  

You will receive 4 wire tray guards with each order. They are available in white or black, so please select your color choice in the checkout process.

If you are looking for a more customized merchandiser we offer 3 styles of tray guards. The Economy; One continuous Single Wire Guard, the Single Wire Tray Guard Set/3, and our Double Wire Set/3 Wire Tray Guard solution. All 3 styles simply be inserted to the trays pre-molded holes.

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