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Check out our new Roll-around Retail Bakery Rack with adjustable gravity-fed shelves. The newest addition to our Dual-Frame Full-View® Merchandising collection.

Our client Walnut Creek contacted us to develop a new bakery merchandiser to market their various packaged bakery goods. Our stock Dual-Frame was slightly re-sized to accommodate Walnut Creek’s product specifications. Receiving actual product quickly enabled us to engineer, size, and weight test designs to ensure all their needs were accurately met. We were able to offer six fully adjustable gravity fed shelves and locking casters for mobility. The height and universally punched frame can easily accommodate a 7th shelf if product size permits. Made in USA.  Always packed small to increase sustainability goals, saving freight & warehousing costs!  For details about our Roll-Around Bakery Rack and Graphic Package call 708-563-2323 or if time permits contact us through the ONLINE CUSTOMER SUPPORT center.

To Purchase a 6 Tier Rack without Graphic Panels in quantities less than 10:

You Asked? We Designed! Coming Soon!
New Two Piece Bin Dividers for Our Popular 14" Clear Plastic Bins!

Midway Displays' solution based approach creates our newest stock bin dividers that transform our 14” diameter stock bins, into a stable and secure 4-way bin. Clear, tasteful bin dividers securely lock into place, creating inconspicuous compartments to showcase your merchandise.

Merchandise entire product lines, multiple flavors, colors and brands within brands. Will ship with our value added “Packs Small...Does Big Things” pack-out to save on freight and warehousing. All our parts are USA Manufactured using top grade materials.

Midway Displays' Where Versatility Sets Us Apart — Making Merchandising Easy!

Introducing the Newest Member of Our Full-View® Merchandiser Collection The NEW Under Counter Deli Snack Rack

Our client, Deep River’s latest request was to develop an under counter shelved rack for deli counters that would accommodate multiple sized chip bags, applying our “Packs Small... Does Big Things” engineering. This new easy to assemble Full View® rack is sized to fit within a footprint of 36” wide x 11” Deep & 33” High, and ships in a carton 37¼” x 11½” x 9½” to save on freight and warehousing costs. The frame is universally punched to provide total flexibility for shelf placement.

It’s proudly manufactured in the USA. Now Available at our IN-Stock BUY Now menu.

New 4-Tier |16 Tub Floor Merchandiser

Introducing our New Stock 4-Tier |16 Tub Floor Merchandiser designed to be the perfect long term retail solution for presenting small individual products that do not fit well in larger bins or hang well on hooks. Perfect for selling multiple flavors, colors, and brands within brands. Heavy duty, shatter-resistant tubs for continuous retail use. Add our Swivel Sign Clip to each Tub (sold separately) to hold small promotional, pricing, or other information.

Easy to assemble floor merchandiser. Ships Small and Does Big Things! Which saves on freight and warehousing costs. Proudly manufactured in the USA.

To Purchase Quantities Less than 10:

New 20 Bin Island Merchandiser

Our solution based approach created our newest stock bin merchandiser by blending 14” diameter stock bins, with tubular frames and a roll-around base, topped off with a graphic header for brand recognition and promotions for your consumer. With 16 or 20 bin options, taking only 30 square inches of retail floor space, you can merchandise entire product lines, multiple flavors, colors and brands within brands. Shipping with our value added “Packs Small...Does Big Things” pack-out to save on freight and warehousing.

All our parts are USA Manufactured using top grade materials.


BOSS® Gloves, a longstanding client of Midway Displays for their glove product rack needs, has been perpetually challenged with finding a rack capable of housing an adequate amount of their Protective Gear Products due to its heavy weight. In addition to needing a rack that could accommodate the weight of their product, they also needed a rack with mobility to be able to re-locate the rack strategically with-in the retail space to capitalize on current weather conditions. Midway Display's Dual-frame rack developed to house live-heavy loads was the perfect solution! We simply expanded our Dual-Frame Shelving Collection to now encompass hanging packaged product. We engineered double strength hook bars to connect to our stock frame, custom sized to BOSS® Glove’s line of Protective Gear Products. As a result, we are pleased to introduce our newest member of our Dual-Frame Collection, the “Hook” rack!

General Mills Chip Rack Merchandises 5.5 oz. and 11 oz. Packages

General Mills contacted Midway Displays in need of an economical rack for merchandising their Food Should Taste Good chip product in both 5.5oz., and 11oz., packages. The flexibility of our Dual-Frame Metal Wire Rack offered their solution. Our Dual-Frame design allowed the same component sizes for the rack; frame, base, shelf, and graphic package to work with both FSTG package sizes. Starting with the 3-Shelf Dual-Frame Rack for 11oz., bags, simply add one more of the shelves and revise the spacing to accommodate the shorter 5.5oz. bags and see how the Dual-Frame does Dual Duty!

Beverage Rack with Straight Shelves | Holds 16oz Beers

Stran Beverage contacted us to fulfil the immediate need of their client; Anheuser-Busch, who needed fast turnaround on a floor rack designed with a strong graphic branding opportunity for their seasonal promotion. Our solution was to modify our Stock Dual-Frame Components with flat shelves and integrated the Anheuser-Busch logos to the graphic package.

Start to finish roll-out was less than 3 weeks.

Beverage Rack with Angled Presentation Shelves | Holds 22oz Beers and 750mL Wines

Midway Display’s “New” knock-down Beverage Rack was designed for a new client, Taphandles, [a fully integrated beer marketing company] that needed a customized rack to Present 22oz Beer Bottles as well as provide a graphic venue for their various Beer Manufacturing Customers to build brand identities and stand out in a competitive market.

Their needs were met by modifying Midway Display’s “Stock” Full-View® Merchandiser Rack, to create a New Dual Framed Kock-down Rack with fully adjustable angled shelves, which house the weight of the 22oz beer bottles as well as providing the necessary graphic opportunities to communicate their customers brand story and drive results in the retail setting. This rack, like all of Midway Display’s racks, was designed to Knock-down using top grade USA materials efficiently and pack small to Increase Sustainable Goals, also Saving Customers Freight & Warehousing Costs!