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Tub/Jar with Bracket for Full-view® Racks
Tub/Jar with Bracket for Full-view® Racks

Tub/Jar with Bracket for Full-view® Racks

On-Line Store Price: $12.95
Retail plastic tub container that offers endless merchandising possibilities for hard to stock products. Includes wire bracket to connect to Midways Full-View Merchandiser.

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Tub and Bracket | Full-View® Component

Tub, Jar, or Bucket no matter what you call these retail containers they offer endless merchandising opportunities for those loose hard to stock products! Not too large, not too small, our clear medium size bins are just the right size. Candies, pet toys, hobby merchandise, and party favors never get lost in the shelves and shoved to the back. Each Tub Holds an Approximate Volume of 4.4 L - 7/8 Gallon

Midway Displays Tub/Jars were designed for 2 floor stand displays, our stationary 5-tier 10-tub rack and our spinning 16-tub floor stand. We are offering the bins to be sold separately by popular demand. Some customers simply use the tub/jar at their checkout counter for miscellaneous items. Many, however add them alongside flip scanner hooks on our Full-view® displays for greater versatility for different packaging styles. Please note if purchasing for counter use you can purchase our carton of 4 (TUB-4). If you want to add to a Full-view merchandiser you must purchase this component set with the ring hook bracket.

(1)   Ring Hook Bracket for Universal Hook-bar
(1)   Tub/jar Buckets: 6" x 6"

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