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Full-View® Merchandiser | 4-Tier Metal Wire Retail Floor Display
We Have Named Our Stationary Metal Wire Displays Full-View® Merchandisers Because They Offer A Complete Full View of Your Products!

Full-View® Merchandiser | 4-Tier Metal Wire Retail Floor Display

On-Line Store Price: $125.95
4-Tier Floor Rack, Retail Merchandising Made Easy
Part Number: FVM4UHB
Feature: Universal Punched Frame every 2 1/4" allow Total Flexibility of Hookbar Placement
Feature: Number of Universal Hook Bars per Full-View is based on Package Heights
Feature: Number of Snap-on Hooks per Hook-bar is based on the Width of the Packages
Feature: Total Capacity of Product on Rack is based on Package Heights and widths

Retail Merchandising Made Easy!

Midway Display's Full-View® Merchandising Component System is one of our most Versatile! These stationary metal wire merchandisers are great for your snacks, chips, beverages, beef jerky and much more. C-stores across the country love our Full-View™ Component system. Switch out to a wheeled base and Roll Around your stocked display with ease to capture peak selling times throughout your store.

Order as is or add an additional hook bar with hooks to maximize your capacity, or a wire shelf or the wire basket for even more versatility.

(1)   Universal Punched Black Frame: 1" Square Tube 15"W x 62"H
(1)   U-Shaped Base: 15" x 15" | Small Retail Footprint | Made with Strong and Sturdy Materials
(4)   Universal Hook Bar: 24"L | Adjust Spacing to Best Fit Your Packages
(16) Ball End Zinc Grid Hooks: 8"L with Plastic Scanner Tag Holders

Price Discounts Begin at 25 and up. Please Call 708-563-2323 or fill out CONTACT FORM for details.