Retail Craft Beer Rack | Compact 9" Dual-Frame, 5-Tier Holds 16 oz Cans | Made in USA
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Retail Craft Beer Rack | 9
9" Dual-Frame | 5-Tier | Graphic Panels | Shelf Locking Patent No. 9247834

Retail Craft Beer Rack | 9" Dual Frame w/16 fl.oz Cans Straight Shelf

QUOTES: 708.563.2323

Strong Metal Wire Retail Display for Craft Beer and Wine
Merchandiser Style: Retail Beverage Rack
Feature: Graphic Panel Options for Branding
Feature: Compact Small Retail Footprint
Feature: Made and Packed in USA: Manufactured with Quality American Materials
Feature: Main Purpose: Strength and Stability for the Beverage Industry
Feature 5 Knockdown Pack Small | Ships 27/Skid

Compact Beverage Rack with Wire Shelves | Stocks 12 fl.oz - 22oz Cans

Midway Display’s 5 Tier knock-down Beverage Rack was designed for Stran Beverage [Stran Promotional Solutions began working in the beverage industry back in 1996.  Realizing the beverage industry as a unique market, in 2010 Stran created a Beverage Division consisting of knowledgeable industry veterans who fully understand the unique challenges, needs and trends of this industry.] We provided a compact retail beverage rack in record time to fill a promotional campaign for craft brews for Strans' customer Anheuser-Busch. This was accomplished by modifying Midway Display’s “Stock” Full-View® Merchandiser Rack, to create a New Dual Framed Knock-down Rack with fully adjustable straight shelves, which stock 16 fl.oz craft beer cans as well as providing graphic opportunities to merchandise promo. This rack is manufactured with top grade USA materials, packs small to increase sustainable goals, saving customers freight & warehousing fees!

Now available for immediate purchase in quantities of 1-25. Dual Frame Bottle and Can In Aisle Merchandiser

For Details About Compact Craft Beer Dual-Frame Rack Call
(708) 563-2323 if Time Allows Inquire Through Our ONLINE CONTACT FORM.