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Countertop Retail Merchandiser for Wristbands | 2-Tier My-D® Mite
Midway Displays My-D® Mite countertop display is the perfect solution to getting your product into retail markets. Offer your own off-the-shelf merchandiser! Retailers will be more receptive.

Countertop Retail Merchandiser for Wristbands | 2-Tier My-D® Mite

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Countertop wristband display for retail | TRIONZ branded base
Merchandiser Style: Countertop Wristband Display

Retail Countertop Display | My-D® Mite 2-Tier 9 Hook Configuration

What do you do when a retailer will not give up any hooks or shelf space in their plannograms for your special product and brand? You create your own off the shelf merchandiser to sell with your product. Use a My-D® Mite merchandiser, it is a headache free solution for getting products into the best retail spaces. We stock all the display components in bulk. Simply cutting support wires to size, selecting hooks and number of tiers is all it takes to create your compact and inexpensive unit. Toggle through the tabs above for ideas, have your products dimensions and weight available when calling or contacting us through our online contact form for pricing and lead times. We love helping clients with their brand and retail needs.
(2)    Merchandising Bars: (13 - Hook positions)
with Built in Sign Holder
(9)    Ball End Zinc Hooks: 6"L
(4)    Bottom Support Wires: 7"L (accommodates packages up to 6" in length)
(4)    Top Support Wires: 6"L (accommodates packages up to 5" in length)
Base Dimensions 13" W x 7 - 3/4" D: 2 Color Silk Screen Logo

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2-Tier My-D® Mite Online Store Option

Price Discounts Begin at 25 and Up | Call Today 630-563-2323 For Estimates and Modified Configurations for Your Perfect Off The Shelf Display! Use Our CONTACT FORM if time permits.