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1-Liter & 750mL Compact Beverage Display
4-Tier Beverage Rack | Graphic Panel Options | Compact Design | Knocks Down Ships Small

1-Liter & 750mL Compact Beverage Display

QUOTES: 708.563.2323

Modern retail 4-tier gravety-fed beverage rack, stocks 4 cases of 1-Liter bottles
Merchandiser Style: Beverage Rack | Compact 9" Dual-Frame
Feature: Compact Small Retail Footprint
Feature: Angled Shelves for Gravity Fed Bottled Product
Feature: Graphic Panel Options for Marketing and Branding
Feature: Variety of Header styles to choose from
Feature 5 Knockdown Pack Small | Ships 16/Skid

Beverage Rack with Gravity Fed Shelves | Holds 1-Liter and 750mL Beverage Bottles

We provide the most innovative retail merchandising solutions for you, and this beverage rack is a perfect example how! This compact retail display was designed for the growing water segment, with-in the beverage industry. It's modern and sleek design offers so much to the brand owner and retailer alike; Retailers love the small footprint and ease of assembly, while Brand Owners take advantage of the dynamic marketing opportunity available in the large format graphics package.

Whether you are merchandising spring waters, teas, or sports drinks, this rack is a smart choice for your 1-Liter and 750mL beverage offerings. The gravity-fed wire shelves present your products front and forward until stock is sold out. Our narrow modern design houses 48 bottles of product while maintaining a small footprint.

All Midway Display’s racks are designed using top-grade USA materials that Knockdown and pack small to increase sustainability goals, saving customers freight & warehousing costs!

Available for immediate purchase in limited quantities at our online store  Full-View® 1 Liter Merchandisers

For additional details and custom colors about our 9" Dual-Frame 1-Liter water merchandiser call (708) 563-2323 if time allows inquire through our ONLINE CONTACT FORM.