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Pouch Drink Spinner Retail Stand
The Two Hook Assemblies lock together when spinning for consistent presentation. Applying our Patented Fold Flat Design PAT. NO. D479059, that snaps open to save costs on shipping and warehousing.

Pouch Drink Spinner Retail Stand

QUOTES: 708.563.2323

Floor Spinner Retail Stand that Folds Flat and Snaps Open for Pouch Drinks
Merchandiser Style: Fold Flat Snap Open Floor Spinner
Feature: Ability to hang near Point Of Sale check-out inspires impulse purchases
Feature: Patented Fold-Flat Snap-open Displays Save Shipping and Warehousing Costs
Feature: Made in America Quality Manufactured Merchandiser
Feature: 8 Wire Hook Strands with 8 Hook Capacity, Total of 128 Pouches Capacity
Looking for that perfect POS Spinner to capture those impulse purchases of your pouch drinks? The answer is in Midway Displays 128 Hook Floor Spinner for Pouched Beverages.  Our client was looking for a high capacity floor spinner to locate at their checkout for impulse purchases of pouched drinks. Midway answered their call by modifying the Stock 108 Clipper, into a 128 Hook Spinner. Consisting of two hook rack assemblies manufactured with 8 sided hook strips to hang juice drinks, fruit punch, cocktails, beverages and summer drinks in easy to access linear rows. Our patented design PAT. NO. D479059 folds flat to ship, and when ready to use SNAPS open! This display also comes with a REINFORCED 20" Base, to provide the necessary support for 128 pouches of beverages. For the highest level of support, we offer a WEIGHTED & REINFORCED 20" Base. This is one of our unique designs that sets Midway Displays apart from the rest! Initiated with the desire to save you money in shipping, assembly time and warehousing space. All components are made in the USA, inspected, hand packed and wrapped right here on location.