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Snap-Out 24
Snap-Out 24" Wire Base, Folds Flat for Shipping

Snap-Out 24" Wire Base |Heavy Weight 4-Point Stand

QUOTES: 708.563.2323

Snap-Out 24" Base, folds flat for compact shipping, sturdy and strong 4-point base.
Merchandiser Style: 4-Point Wire Base
Feature: Patented Fold Flat Snap Open Economical Base
Feature: Ability to place base with pole stand display near Point Of Sale check-out inspires impulse purchases
Feature: High Quality Powder Coat Finish Stocked in Black or White
Feature: Made in America of High Quality Materials

24" Snap Out Base | 4 Leg Retail Base for Pole Stands

Our 24" snap out floor base is shown to your right on a H-Rotor component merchandising system. This retail merchandiser has 5 tiers with 6 fixed hook positions. Depending on your packaging size you can merchandise from 150 items or more per retail display spinner. Our patented fold flat snap out base allows for compact shipping saving money and creating a more sustainable footprint. We offer so many component systems and configurations which at first may be overwhelming, but it is really easy to create a retail merchandiser for your brand requirements and package styles. Always toggle through the tabs above next to our product description to see how the display parts work. We can not account for every size and weight bearing configuration, so please call one of our sales associates for estimates and for assistance in choosing your merchandising system. If time permits please contact us online.

Pieces/Carton   Bulk

Carton Dimensions  Gaylords"

Class Rate 55

1" Pole with 5-1/2" Reduced Bottom, Requires Special Swedge for 1" Pole

Call for Custom Color Bases and Estimates 708-563-2323 or Inquire On-line  CONTACT FORM


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