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  1. My-D Mini Rotor
My-D Mini Rotor
My-D® Mini Rotor

My-D Mini Rotor

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plastic display component for hook and rotor spinner displays
Merchandiser Style: Rotors
This Mini rotor is only 3” in diameter, has 4 available hook positions & is the perfect plastic rotor for combinations of 2 or 4 hook positions to accommodate package sizes not covered by the Max 8 or 12 rotors, or if every inch of space counts on your selling floor or counter. Conveniently stocked in black and white.

Creating a Hook and Rotor Merchandiser is cost effective and easy! Midway stocks thousands of our Made in USA components so you can choose the sizes, style & color to create your display customized to your package specifications.

To view several Counter-top Spinners select the link  Hook & Rotor Spinner Displays Counter  An easy to follow instruction sheet is included with each hand-packed display we ship “Knocked down” to save your freight costs!

We offer a select variety of complete floor spinner displays for immediate Purchase in Quantities of 1-9
Floor and Counter Hook & Rotor Spinner Merchandisers

For Assistance in Designing Your Custom Merchandiser for Orders of 10 or More Call Today! Also inquire about Volume Discounts for Individual Display Components.

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