Large Chip Bag Metal Wire Racks |Dual-Frame with Graphic Panels | Point of Purchase Merchandisers by Midway Displays, Inc. | Made in USA
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Knock-down 4 Shelf Chip Rack |15
15" Dual-Frame | 4-Tier | Graphic Panels | Shelf Locking Patent No. 9247834

Knock-down 4 Shelf Chip Rack |15" Dual Frame Retail Display

QUOTES: 708.563.2323

Strong Metal Wire Retail Display for Bags of chips
Merchandiser Style: 4 Tier Metal Wire Dual Frame
Feature: Graphic Panel Options for Branding
Feature: Strength and Stability | High Stocking Volume

Our 15" Dual-Frame holds 15" wide graphic panels and larger custom shelves. Having difficulty getting on a retailers aisle shelf space? No need to stress! Bring your own solution by offering your product with it's existing merchandiser and point of purchase signs.

There are many advantages of showcasing your products on a freestanding display.

1.) You have no competing brands next to your primary face panels(PFP)

2.) Your brand will be front and center to your consumers. 

3.) You can broadcast your products healthy, cost saving or feature benefits.

Midway Display's is in business to help solve your merchandising needs. Please call  708-563-2323 or reach out ONLINE. Please know we try to answer all requests, however sometimes it may take 24-48 hours.

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