Large Chip Bag Metal Wire Racks |Dual-Frame with Graphic Panels | Point of Purchase Merchandisers by Midway Displays, Inc. | Made in USA
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Knock-down 4 Shelf Chip Rack |15
15" Dual-Frame | 4-Tier | Graphic Panels | Shelf Locking Patent No. 9247834

Knock-down 4 Shelf Chip Rack |15" Dual Frame Retail Display

QUOTES: 708.563.2323

Strong Metal Wire Retail Display for Bags of chips
Merchandiser Style: 4 Tier Metal Wire Dual Frame
Feature: Graphic Panel Options for Branding
Feature: Strength and Stability | High Stocking Volume
Our 15" Dual-Frame holds 15" wide graphic panels and larger custom shelves. Having difficulty getting on a retailers aisle shelf space. Bring your own solution by offering your product with it's existing merchandiser and point of purchase signs.  

We currently Offer a Flat Shelf Single-Frame Full-View® merchandiser for immediate purchase in quantities of 1-9
Floor and Counter Full-View® Merchandisers On-Line store

For Details About Compact Craft Beer Dual-Frame Rack Call (708) 563-2323 if Time Allows Inquire Through Our ONLINE CONTACT FORM.