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Compact Bakery Rack | 5-Tier Wheeled Merchandiser
Angled Shelves allow for easy access to product

Compact Bakery Rack | 5-Tier Wheeled Merchandiser

QUOTES: 708.563.2323

Compact 5 angled shelves for baked goods all metal wire construction
Merchandiser Style: Single Sided Full-View® Off the shelf merchandiser
Feature: Volume Price Breaks Starting as Low as a Quantity of 25
Feature: Ability to place near Point Of Sale check-out inspires impulse purchases
Feature: Made in America of High Quality Materials
Feature: Knocks down to pack small and save shipping and warehousing costs.

Compact 5-Tier Bakery Rack On Wheels

Whether you are selling gluten-free or traditional baked goods our compact 5-tier angled shelf display may be just what you are looking for. Our fully adjustable shelf placement allows you to stock multiple package sizes and styles. Full-View® merchandisers knock down and assemble quickly. The wheeled example shown offers quick merchandising opportunities.  Wheel fresh baked goods to any peak area in your store. Have a cross promotion with a hot new line of coffee, park your freshly stocked rack next to it and watch both items get scooped up. This rack allows you to test out promotions and different areas of product placement to see what works best for your store or food court area.

Our 5-tier single sided bakery rack is exclusively available for orders of 
 25 and up.  There are 4 Full-View® shelved displays available for immediate purchase. Scroll down to the related items with prices or select the image to your right to purchase. 

Please use this link for all available Full-View® merchandisers for immediate purchase.

For assistance call (708) 563-2323 if time allows inquire through our ONLINE CONTACT FORM.