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How Our Clip Racks Fold Flat and Save Money!
72 Clipper, 108 Clipper, 72 Empty Floor Spinner and 108 Empty Floor Spinner

How Our Clip Racks Fold Flat and Save Money!

Retail Merchandising Display Style:Metal Wire Clipper Product Merchandisers
  • Money Saving Feature:Patented Fold Flat Snaps Open Separates Us from the Rest
  • Number of Clips:Product Name Is the Number of Clips | i.e. 72 Clipper Stocks 72 Products, etc.
  • Impulse Merchandising:Our Counter 12 Clip, 36 Spinner and Hanging Clipper Wands Increase Impulse Purchases
  • In-Stock Purchase:See Related Items Below for Immediate Purchase in Small Quantities, Discounts for Quantities Over 25
We love to help your bottom line! Save 75% or more on shipping when using Midway's patented "SNAP RACK" spinner displays!

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