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Button Locking Pole Sets | In-Stock
Button Locking Pole Sets, Stock and Custom

Button Locking Pole Sets | In-Stock

QUOTES: 708.563.2323

Pole Sets for Retail pole stands with button locking feature
Merchandiser Style: Locking Pole Sets

Why Use Locking Pole Sets?

Add the locking pole mechanisms for greater strength and stability. This is a great feature to have if you know you will be relocating your spinner display often. This will allow you to lift your stocked display without it separating. Our locking pole sets fit all our in-stock pole stand bases. View the tabs to your right for ideas and more detailed information.

Powder Coated, Punched and Machined in the USA. Custom hole punching available on pole sets for your merchandising needs. In house raw material, round or square fabricated to fit your specifications.

Call for estimates 708-563-2323 or inquire online: CONTACT FORM