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Retail Box Wine Rack | 4 Tier 9
9" Dual-Frame | 4-Tier | Graphic Panels and Coordinating Header | Shelf with Patented Locking Mechanism | Locking Patent No. 9247834

Retail Box Wine Rack | 4 Tier 9" Dual Frame w/Straight Shelves

QUOTES: 708.563.2323

Retail Wine Display on Wheels and side graphic panels
Merchandiser Style: Beverage Racks on Wheels
Feature: Graphic Panel Options for Marketing and Branding
Feature: Strength and Stability for the Beverage Industry
Feature: Designed for the Live-load Weight of Beverages
Feature: Wheeled Base | Re-locate Fully Stocked Display!

Compact Beverage Rack with Wire Shelves | 3 Liter Boxed Wines

Call for Volume Bulk Pricing, Custom Colors and Graphic Package Printing Estimates 708-563-2323 or Inquire On-line CONTACT FORM4 Tier Square Plastic Tray Displays Stocked in White & Black Click to see more information

Midway Display’s 4 tier knock-down Beverage Rack on Wheels was quickly created by making modifications to our “Stock” Full-View® Merchandiser display. The new Dual-Frame rack is equipped with four fully adjustable shelves sized to stock 3 Liter boxed wines and provides generous graphic opportunities to market your brand and promotions. All Midway products are manufactured with top grade USA materials, and pack small to increase sustainable goals, saving customers freight & warehousing expenses!

Several beverage customers have utilized our sturdy Stacking Square Plastic Shelf Unit for Liquor Bottles.

Many new Full-View® merchandisers have been added to our On-line store for immediate purchase.
Floor and Counter Full-View® Merchandisers On-Line store

4 Features that Set Us Apart:

  1. Constructed with Four 75 Pound Sturdy Casters
  2. Knocks-down, Reducing Shipping and Warehousing Costs
  3. Four Custom sized, Locking Metal Shelves with Sign Channels
  4. Manufactured with Quality American Materials

* Please note castered wheels are not made in the USA.