Adjustable Pole Stand With 18" Octagon Base | In-Stock Bases and Adjustable Pole Stands | Made in USA
  1. Adjustable Pole Stand 4 Piece Set with 18" Plastic Octagon Base
Adjustable Pole Stand 4 Piece Set with 18
Telescoping pole set is a perfect fit for 18" Octagon Base. Call 708.563.2323 today for volume pricing!

Adjustable Pole Stand 4 Piece Set with 18" Plastic Octagon Base

On-Line Store Price: $52.95
4 Piece Set Adjustable Pole Stand available with 18" In-Stock Plastic base for immediate purchase.
Part Number: 50TELE
Feature: Quick and easy pole set with twist lock reaches 50" with no flex due to strong construction
Feature: Pole set starts as low as 25", reaching 50" and everywhere in between with its twist lock fitting
Feature: Made in America of High Quality Materials
Feature: Volume pricing starts as low as 25, call 708.563.2323 today for pricing!

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Looking for the perfect solution when designing your display signage, prototype, or custom display? Midways New Lightweight Telescoping Pole Stand is it! Providing the flexibility to adjust down to the height constraints of C-Stores, or up to the over-shadowing heights of the Big-Box stores. To arrive at the height needed is as easy as 1-2-3! Simply twist the locking connector open, adjust the pole to the appropriate height, and then twist it shut, locking it in the opposite direction.

Consisting of:

1 - 1 ¼" Plain Tube + 1 - 1" Flared End Tube

1 Black Twist Lock Connector (locks to 1" to 1 ¼" tube)

1 18" Plastic Octagon Base

1 Clear Sign Clip: Accommodates Sign Material Thickness up to 40 Point (.040).