5tier POS in aisle merchandiser, 22" wide metal wire shelves
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General Merchandise Rack | Increased Capacity 22
Captivating and dynamic high capacity in-aisle rack created with over-sized, adjustable shelves and large format graphics package.

General Merchandise Rack | Increased Capacity 22" Width | 5-Tier

On-Line Store Price: $389.95
High capacity in-aisle merchandiser for the presentation of consumer packaged goods.
Part Number: FVM5SHELF22
Feature: Adjustable shelf placement allows you to stock multiple package sizes & styles.

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Increased Capacity In-Aisle Display | Shelved Option 

22" Wide Metal Display Rack | Increased Capacity Merchandise Rack | Optional "DIY" Graphic Die-lines

Challenged with too much product and too little space? Our new Increased Capacity Full-View® Merchandiser is your solution! All your cartoned, block bottomed, and quad sealed products are easily stocked on this strong, sturdy, off the shelf merchandiser. Our pet snack display that is shown above is a perfect example of cartoned products. Metal hook components can also be added to the frame to create an even more versatile rack for your brand. Need a mixed presentation with one or two hook-bars with hooks for hanging products? Just click on this link; Increased Capacity Universal Grid Hook Bars, to be taken to our IC Graphic Arm Hook Bar with Set of Flip Scanner Hooks in two sizes. It’s just that easy!

Do you need to develop custom-sized shelved or hanging components, in need of large quantities of displays and graphic sets? Our knowledgeable sales staff loves to design retail merchandisers from stock components that will easily fit into multiple retail settings. 

FVM5SHELF22 Ships With:

(1)   Universal Punched Black Frame: 1" Square Tube 22" W x 62" H 

(1)   U-Shaped Base: 1" Square Tube 22 W" x 19" D | Small Retail Footprint | Made with Strong and Sturdy Materials

(5)   Wire Shelves w/Price Channels and Graphic Brackets: 22" W x 12 1/2" D | Adjustable to Best Fit Your Package Heights

(1)   Instruction Sheet

Price Discounts Begin at 25 and up. Please Call 708-563-2323 or fill out CONTACT FORM for details.

For help in designing your impactful retail merchandiser call (708) 563-2323 if time allows inquire through our ONLINE CONTACT FORM.

Want specific options or ideas for how our Full-view® racks could be your merchandising solution check out our collection of Full-view® CPG styles and racks.



All of the above plus our extra wide 22" Universal Hook Bar with 8" Graphic Arm