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5-Tier Freestanding Sausage Rack | POS Display
In-aisle racks for retailing small, medium and large summer sausages.

5-Tier Freestanding Sausage Rack | POS Display

QUOTES: 708.563.2323

USA made Metal Deli Rack for retailing summer sausage and vacuum seeled links.
Merchandiser Style: Full-View® Merchandisers
Feature: Universal punched frame every 2 1/4" allows total flexibility of Hook Bar and Shelf placement.
Feature: Graphic arms secure side panel graphics | built in header bar
Feature: Made and packed in the USA: manufactured in Chicago with high-quality American materials.
Feature: 22" Wide Rack ships 26 cartons per skid | 15" Narrow Rack ships approx 20 cartons per skid

Summer Sausage Freestanding Metal Rackssummer-sausage-freestanding-retail-metal-racks

When it comes to versatility, Midway Displays, Inc has cornered the POP market. For over 40 years, we have been providing merchandising solutions to companies nationwide.

With our vast collection of in-stock components, we can design a display with coordinating display parts and offer our clients fast lead time and economical pricing with no new tool & die expenses. If needed, we can make dimensional alterations to existing components to create a customized merchandiser.

The two Full-view® Merchandisers shown on this page perfectly illustrate our mission of Making Merchandising Easy.

Achieve Increased capacity with our 22" wide display, composed of all in-house and in-stock parts. The standard 15" wide merchandiser utilizes a stock frame; but modifies the dimensions of the stock shelf, altering the depth from 7.25" to 11.25"; and increasing the strength of the base to accommodate the additional weight of the product. Both designs offer extensive branding and graphic opportunities with our 5 Panel Graphic Packages.

While we always consider the customer's requests, we take their idea further by showing them different stocking and planogram ideas. For instance, with the 22" wide display, we express how well their product looks and stocks the shelf-ready packaging in which the product ships.

We included a top Universal Hook Bar that uses Snap-On Grid Hooks with Scanner Tags. These components provide for a clean presentation of the smaller beef sticks and easy access to multiple flavors. Easily stock the wide shelves with two different sizes of summer sausages.

Of course, the 15" wide rack which stocks the shelf-ready caddies is a quick and easy stocking solution. Decide what works best for you, or if unsure, try both configurations to determine which type of merchandiser gives you the best results. Purchase a few sample racks from our On-Line Store to test which produces the most uptick in sales. No matter the rack, we are confident you will see an increase in sales when you bring your product in the aisle directly in front of your customers with one of our merchandisers.

Both retail merchandisers knockdown and ships small! Our compact in aisle merchandisers have a small retail footprint and also reduce emissions by being able to ship up to 75% more products per skid than our competitors.

Here are a few reasons to consider using a Midway Display Full-view component system for your point of sale needs.

  • all material and products are made in the USA in the greater Chicago area
  • all knockdown to ship small, saving money in freight and pollution to the planet
  • all have several versatile components that when incorporated create hook tiers, bin tiers, and shelf tiers
  • all shelves have graphic channels for pricing or branding opportunities

Checkout all our Full-view Racks for immediate sale HERE. Checkout Custom Solutions created for customers HERE.

Please Call 708-563-2323 for any assistance or if time permits please fill out CONTACT FORM for quotes.