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Retail 40 Clipper Display | 4 Point Plastic Base w/Casters
Black 40 Clipper® Clip Rack | Strong Yet Lightweight 24"(tip to tip) 4-Point Plastic Base

Retail 40 Clipper Display | 4 Point Plastic Base w/Casters

On-Line Store Price: $99.95
FREE SHIPPING* thru March 31st 2024 On Qualifying Orders *Limit 10 displays, must spend $200 and shipped to contiguous United States. Manufacturing equipment excluded.
Part Number: 40CL4PTCS
Feature: American Made and Packed
Feature: Patented Fold-Flat Snap-open Clipper® Displays Save Shipping and Warehousing Costs
Feature: Volume Price Breaks for Quantities 25 and Up

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40 Clipper Floor Display | Wire Clip Spinner | 4-Point Caster Base | Made in USA

The 40 Clipper® with our 4-Point mobile base is perfect for placing your extra-large bagged products in strategic locations throughout your retail space! Roll-around fully stocked display with ease and then lock in place. Fewer clips spaced a little over 4 inches apart allow you to stock quickly and provide easy reach for customers.The generous spacing from clips also allows for a clear view and focus on your primary face panel of your products. Always put your best face forward!

Choose white or black components at checkout.

(2) Black 20 Clip Rack Assemblies
(1) Zinc Plated Pole Set: 1" x 61"
(1) 4 Point Plastic Base w/Casters: 24" Tip to Tip | 17" Square
(1) Sign Clip: Clear
(1) Scanner Tag Set/4
(1) Support Pin

Price Discounts Begin at 25 and up. Please Call 708-563-2323 or fill out CONTACT FORM for details.