1. 4 Tier, 16 Tub Floor Spinner
4 Tier, 16 Tub Floor Spinner
4 Tier, 16 Tub Floor Spinner

4 Tier, 16 Tub Floor Spinner

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floor spinner rack for unpackaged merchandise, small objetcs, bin, bucket and jar display
Merchandiser Style: 4 Tier, 16 Tub Floor Spinner
4-Tier |16 Tub Floor Merchandiser is a durable design for extended retail solutions in presenting small individual products that do not fit well in larger bins or hang well on hooks. Our new 16 Tub Floor Spinner makes selling multiple flavors, colors, and brands within brands a cinch. Heavy duty, shatter-resistant tubs for continuous retail use.  Add our Swivel Sign Clip to each Tub (Sold separately) to hold small promotional, pricing, or other information. Add a castered spider base and you have a merchandiser that you can relocate fully stocked.

Merchandiser Shown is Created With:
(4) Wire Tub Rotors: 14" diameter x 6 1/2" deep
(16) Plastic Tubs: 6" diameter x 6 1/8" deep with 3/8" lip
(1) Zinc Plated Pole Set: 1" x 54" (4pc)
(4) Rotor Support Pins
(4) Washers
(1) 1” Sign Clip: Clear
(1) My-D® 18” Octagon Base

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16 Tub Floor Spinner