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4-Point Floor Base | Snap Out Base w/Casters
Our Snap-Out 24" Base is the Heavy Weight of 4 Point Designs

4-Point Floor Base | Snap Out Base w/Casters

QUOTES: 708.563.2323

Metal Wire Snap out base with casters for retail pole stands.
Merchandiser Style: 4-Point Floor Base for Pole Stands
Feature: Fold Flat Snap Open Economical Base with Casters,
Feature: High Quality Powder Coat Finish Stocked in Black or White
Feature: Made in America of High Quality Materials
Feature: Place base with pole stand display near Point Of Sale check-out inspires impulse purchases

24" Snap Out Base with Casters

This base is the mobile version of our patented fold flat snap out base that allows for compact shipping saving you money and creating a more sustainable footprint. Using this base, you can now re-locate your pole stand display throughout the retail store, capturing peak selling locations for your new product introduction or promotional display. This is our most economical mobile base, helping you create a durable and sturdy mobile display at an economical price.  Bulk volume pricing starts as low as 25 bases. Fold Flat Patent No. D479059 Ship Flat Snap Open cost saving feature. NOTE: This base exclusively fits a 1" Diameter pole with a special 5-1/2" Swedged bottom, which we offer from our Pole Set Collection. View our Pole Sets in our related section below. Contact our knowledgeable sales associates at 708.563.2323 for more information.

Pieces/Carton   Bulk

Carton Dimensions  "Gaylords"

Class Rate 55

Accommodates 1" Pole with 5-1/2" Reduced Bottom

Call for Custom Color Bases and Printing Estimates 708-563-2323 or Inquire On-line  CONTACT FORM

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