1. 36 Clipper® Counter Spinner Clip Rack
36 Clipper® Counter Spinner Clip Rack
36 Clip Rack, High Capacity Counter Display

36 Clipper® Counter Spinner Clip Rack

QUOTES: 708.563.2323

Merchandiser Style: 4 Strand Clipper Counter Rack
36 product capacity spinning counter clip rack. 4 Strands with 9 clips on each post. Stock 4 flavors of chips or multiple product lines on a single counter rack. Customer simply spins the rack to find their favorite item. Produced in our own facility to ensure top quality materials are used and the best quality is delivered directly to you.

Counter Merchandiser Created With:
(1) Assembly: 36 Clip Rack, White
(1) Sign Clip: White
(1) My-D® 11 White Plastic Counter Base

For Alternative Base Options Visit the Link Below
Stock Plastic Counter Bases

We offer a select variety of Clip Racks for immediate Purchase in Quantities of 1-9
Floor and Counter Online Store Clip Racks

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