16 and 20 Bin Candy Retail Floor Display
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  4. 16 & 20 Tub/Jar 4-Tier Candy Spinner Display | Made in USA
16 & 20 Tub/Jar 4-Tier Candy Spinner Display | Made in USA
16 & 20 Tub/Jar Spinner Display for Candy and Loose Products

16 & 20 Tub/Jar 4-Tier Candy Spinner Display | Made in USA

QUOTES: 708.563.2323

A great candy spinner stand for merchandising loose candies and multiple flavors.
Merchandiser Style: 16 or 20 Tub/Jar Spinner Display
Feature: Each Tub Holds an Approximate Volume of 4.4 L - 7/8 Gallon
Feature: 16 Clear Plastic Tubs for Merchandising Small and Loose Products.
Feature: Pack Small Knockdown Design Ships 16/Skid
Feature: Made and Packed in the USA: in the Greater Chicago Area

Quick Assembly 16-20 Tub/Jar Floor Spinner Retail Sweets and Snacks Merchandiser

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Our 16 and 20 bin candy fixture has so many advantages over other spinner merchandisers. The most obvious is the clean clear bins that offer customers a clear view and easy access to the merchandise of their choice. With sixteen or twenty bins you can give them lots of choices too!

Retailers love the small footprint and ease of assembly. This merchandiser knocks down nests together for compact shipping saving in space and fuel while at the same time reducing your expenses and increasing carbon offsets. The bins are durable and comply with California's Prop 65. It is no doubt that our Tub Spinner will become one of your favorite store fixtures.

Main Image Above and to your right shown with:
(4) Wire Tub Rotors
(4-Ring): 14" diameter x 6 1/2" deep
(16) Clear Plastic Tubs: 6" diameter x 6 1/8" deep with 3/8" lip
(1) Zinc Plated Pole Set: 1" x 54" (4pc.)
(4) Rotor Support Pins
(4) Washers
(1) 1” Sign Clip: White |
Accepts Sign Material Thickness up to 40 Point (.040)
(1) 24" Plastic Base w/Casters Part# PTBASEW+ADAPT4W1+40CASTL-4

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For a quick roll out for the 20 Tub/Jar retail floor spinner Please Call 708-563-2323 or fill out CONTACT FORM for details. Minimums of 25 Apply.