NACS 2022 Booth 2674 Retail Display Merchandising Solutions
NACS 2022 Booth 2674 Vegas October 2-4
Stop by Booth 2674 to get a hands on feel of our merchandising component systems. You will be able to walk around, adjust shelves, spin the displays, and get ideas for how you can improve your retail space and customers shopping experience. Our sales associates will be on the ready to answer questions and explain the unique attributes and versatility that our merchandisers offer retailers and brand owners.

Midway Displays has been designing versatile component displays for over 35 years. We know and understand the uniqueness of each new product that is brought to market. All packaging has it's own set of requirements. With literally hundreds of display parts it is almost certain that one of our component merchandisers such as; Full-View®, Clipper®, Hook & Rotor, or Tray & Bins will be an economical solution for you. We truly love to make merchandising easy whether your selling, beverages, snacks, pet food, or pet rocks, it's what we do!

We know supply chain issues continue to hinder all, and have stocked our materials to provide you the best service and turn around times in the industry. We manufacture all our displays and components in the greater Chicago area.

Along with supply chain hiccups fuel costs have sky rocketed. We have always been conscious of shipping expenses and fuel emissions in freight so that is why every merchandiser style we produce is designed to knockdown and pack small. This helps in reducing yours and our environmental impact by using less cardboard and less fuel by packing more displays per pallet. We can not control the fuel prices but we can do our best to keep weight and size down while not sacrificing strength and stability!

We look forward to meeting you at NACS 2022 EXPO October 2-4 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.